Roving colors from top left:

Peru II
Peru I
Yellowstone Fire
Easy spinning ribbon roving from
white mohair, and one strip black,
and one strip gray Rambouillet.
Clockwise: Pebbles: medium
grade, soft, white and reddish
brown. Easy spinning. Speckles:
pencil roving, natural dk brown with
various colors of silk noil. Gray
striated: pencil from
Rambouillet-soft, soft. easy spinning.

Peru II: a brindled wide roving dyed
in several colors and one stripe of
natural gray.
Clockwise: Romeldale: a medium
grade, very soft roving, easy to
spin. Muted colors: a wide roving
brindled with overdyed gray stripes.
Makes a lovely yarn. White
coopworth:: coarse grade, very
silky feeling, perfect for spinning
novelty or bulky yarns. Great for