All are Rambouillet fleeces unless otherwise
3.  An outstanding gray
fleece.  Fine wool, very
uniform.  @8#, $10/lb
4.  Black, gray fleece.  
Subtle changes of color
throughout.  Beautiful!  @8
lb,  $10/lb
These fleeces
are so soft, they
would be
wonderful in any
1.  A nice medium gray
fleece, @ 8#. $10/lb
2.  Lovely fine wool gray
fleece @8#. $10/lb
5.  A very pale champagne
fleece. This was probably
the last year we'll have this
ewe. @8# at $10/lb
6.  Black and white and gray
through the fleece. Striated
shading (pims) in the locks.
A gorgeous fleece. @8# at